INPPO 2016, September 4. - 8., Bratislava, Slovakia

Travel / Arrival

If you want to fly to Bratislava, you can choose between the city's own international airport and Schwechat airport in Vienna, which is about 45 km from Bratislava and connected by regular shuttle buses. Bratislava's airport is the biggest in Slovakia and one of the fastest expanding in Europe. Regular flights link it to other Slovak cities and with many major European destinations.


Bratislava Airport
Vienna Airport

Bus schedule Vienna airport - Bratislava

The venue is easily accessible by public transportation:

  • From Airport Bratislava:
    take bus 61 for 14 stops to Trnavske myto and then bus 31 for 3 stops to Nam. 1. maja
  • From the main Bratislava Bus Station:
    take trolleybus 208 for 4 stops to Hodzovo namestie
  • From the main Bratislava Train Station:
    take bus 93 for 2 stops to Hodzovo namestie

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Price list of the most frequent destinations:
Hotel Tatra – Airport Bratislava 20  €
Hotel Tatra – Airport Wienna – Schwechat  65  €
Hotel Tatra – Wienna center  85  €
Hotel Tatra – Budapest 230 €
Hotel Tatra – Prague center 315 €

Important note

Please note: All visitors to Slovakia require a passport or valid national identity card (for EU citizens). For many visitors, a visa is not required for stays for tourism or business of up to 90 days within six months of the date of first entry into the Slovak Republic. All foreigners entering the Slovak Republic must carry proof that they have medical insurance to cover payment of all costs for hospitalization and treatment in the Slovak Republic.

To be valid for entry, a passport must be valid for the duration of one's stay in Slovakia, and for 2 months after the end of any visa required for entry. Visas can be obtained from whichever Slovak embassy is accredited to the visitor's country.

The Slovak Republic is a member of the EU and a full member of the Schengen Area. EU citizens have the right to move freely within and between other EU countries and have the right to stay in another EU country for a 6-month period providing they hold a valid passport or national identity card.

If you lose your passport, this should be reported to the Foreigners’ Police (Cudzinecká polícia) Hrobákova 44, in the Petržalka district; EU citizens tel: +421 (0)961 036-871; non-EU citizens tel: +421 (0)961 036-866 or (0)961 036-867. Your embassy or consulate can normally issue a temporary passport.

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