INPPO 2016, September 4. - 8., Bratislava, Slovakia

Author's Guidelines for Oral Presentations

Besides invited lectures (20 min + 5 min discussion), the program offers about 50 short oral presentations (10 min + 5 min discussion) selected from the abstract submissions. Due to the time schedule of the congress speakers are reliant not to overrun these time limits. Sesson chair persons will enforce the time schedule.

Presentations have to be up-loaded during breaks and before session starts.

Power Point 2007/2010 (Windows version) will be installed on the computers in the lecture hall. Apple users please make sure that your presentation will work on MS-Windows based systems, as Apple computers will not be available. As a last resort you may use a PDF file. It will not be possible to use your own computer for your presentation, as connecting and disconnecting computers is too time consuming. 

Please embed True-types in your presentation to avoid problems with special characters. You find this options under "extras" in the "save as" dialog.

Keep in mind that Powerpoint up to 2007 does not embed videos in the presentation. So place the video (mp4, avi) in the same directory as the presentation file. Animated GIFs are preferable, as they are embedded into the PPT-file and are not subject to codec problems.

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